3 Symptoms of Toenail Fungus

Fungus on any of the nails on the digits, whether it is fingers or toes, can be an unsightly and uncomfortable experience, as anyone who has ever had it can attest. The fungus that can come to invade a toenail is a microscopic organism that lives in warm, moist environments. Common funguses, such as athletes foot, can be contracted from public swimming pools, shower rooms, or by people who sweat a lot and wear closed-in footwear. So how can you tell if you have a toenail fungus? Here are a few of the most common symptoms from http://funguslab.com/purnail.

Thickening and Discoloration

If you have contracted a nail fungus, the affected toenail will often have a dramatic and noticeable increase in thickness. This may be double, or in some cases, even triple the normal size. The color of your nail may also be different, changing from its natural white and pink color to a yellow or light green. These are some of the most notable signs of toenail fungus and should be watched for as carefully as possible.

Lifting and Loosening

Other signs that you may have contracted a nail fungus are that the nail itself may begin to lift away from the nail bed, or the skin it lies on. This causes looseness and instability, and in bad cases, can result in the nail itself falling off entirely. These are also among the most noticeable signs of fungus.

Crumbling and Brittleness

Another large sign is that the structure of the nail will change, becoming brittle. Also, it may change so drastically that pieces of it may crumble away at the edges. Keep an eye out for these symptoms of nail fungus.

So what can you do in a case like this? Well, there are plenty of medications or home brewed remedies that you can try, though the effectiveness of each can vary. It is a much better idea to go with an effective alternative. To find a product that works, visit http://funguslab.com/funginix. When it comes to keeping your nails healthy and fungus free, then it is worth the effort to investigate the best solution.